How To Pronounce Super Junior’s Names… ^^

I know some people have been wondering how to pronounce the member’s names in Super Junior. 😛 Well… here you go. This may not be exact.. but the person that I got this off of.. is Korean. So.. yea. XD

Hope this helps. ^^~



Leeteuk– Ee Tuk (literally sounds like “tk”)
Heechul- Hee Chul (the ‘L’ is like a mix of an R and L sound)
Kang-In– Gang Een (‘a’ is soft not like in the word gang more like g-ah-ng)
Shingdong– Sh-ihn D-oh-ng
Sungmin– S-uh-ng meen
Eunhyuk- uhn hy-uhk
Hangeng/Hankyung– Hahn Gyuhng
Donghae– Dohng Hah-eh or Dong Hey
Siwon– Shi Oohwon
Ryeowook- Ree-uh Ook
Kyuhyun– Gyu Hyuhn
Yesung– Yeh Suhng
 Henry– Hen-ry
 Zhou Mi– Zho Me?
CR for Pronoucations:  Phantom Exorcist @

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  1. US Mom Loves SJU says:

    I really wanted to see super junior in L.A., but I am hopeful they will have their own concert tour throughout the United States soon. They have great talent and just a wonderful group of young men.

    1. LOL. SAME. =_____________=
      Execpt I want them to have a concert in Canada. :] ~

  2. ^_^ says:

    Guys, I think the pronunciation for some names are wrong. Most ELFs pronounce Yesung, Eunhyuk and Sungmin as the way they’re spelled.

    They pronounce the letter “U”
    But the truth is, it is pronounced as “EO” like:


    I hope every international ELFs read this.

    And to prove this, listen to “Oppa Oppa”
    And on Dream Team, someone keeps on shouting Yesung’s name very clearly

    1. ^_^ says:

      Just pronounce it fast and you’ll be able to do it right.

      Also with Heechul.
      It’s actually pronounced as Hwi-chul

  3. biiea says:

    ^_^ ….. ANYEONG HASEO

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