120103 – Super Junior’s Ryeowook makes Leeteuk cry on first day of 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is currently 30 years old and is not to pleased with his age as he is often surrounded by younger idols, including his fellow members who love poking fun at his age. The Super Junior leader recently revealed how the first day of his new year was ruined by Ryeowook’s joke.

Leeteuk updated his Twitter and wrote, “I started 2012 with having a meal with members but I feel like crying when Ryeowook asked, ‘How’s the meal in 30s?’”

Leeteuk’s tweet caused many fans to laugh and reply, “Evil maknae, he is staying with Kyuhyun to much” ,”Oh! Baby is getting old but for us you’re the same” ,”Leeteuk use your western card, acoording to which you’re still in 20s.”

Looks like Ryeowook has been getting lessons from the evil maknae Kyuhyun!

Source: Ningin


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