120311 – Super Junior Announces 3rd Japanese Single “Opera”

Super Junior has announced their 3rd Japanese single. The new single is titled “Opera” and will be released on May 9th under avex trax.

While the single is a Japanese version of one of the group’s previous songs, the B-side track “Way” will be an original Japanese song. This will be the group’s second original Japanese song after “Snow White” from their “Mr. Simple” single.

The new single will come in 11 different editions. There will be a CD+DVD version, a CD-Only regular version and 9 CD-Only limited edition versions. The 9 covers of the limited edition covers will come together as a puzzle.

Check out the single’s track list below:

CD-Only regular edition

1. Opera
2. Way

CD-Only limited edition

1. Opera
2. Way
3. Opera (Korean Version)


1. Opera
2. Way
-Opera Music Video
-Opera Making Clip


Source: gokpop

Reuploaded by: ragnarox13@https://thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com


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