121123 – KPOP Lyrics APP for iOS and Androids

Hello readers!

Do you find yourself often whistling or humming along to your favourite KPOP tunes?

Is not knowing how to read Korean, or speak Korean blocking you from singing your heart out?

Well I found a super great solution, and this post it just for you!

As a fellow avid KPOP fan, I have a super special secret app (not anymore 😉 ) to share with you!

A wonderful little convenient app, called KPOP Lyrics has been released for Androids and iOs (Iphones, etc.) to solve all your problems.

This little app is a lot more than your average lyrics app.

It’s kind of like those lyric videos you find on Youtube, but better.

It has everything! From Super Junior lyrics, to SNSD lyrics, to even your English songs! (One Direction for example.)

How this little app works is simple.

KPOP Lyrics uses your own music library, identifies your songs, displays the lyrics in Korean with easy-peasy readable English words, and even translations!

This app is like a special little helper to help you enjoy the music you already have.

In no way, is this app trying to sell you music.

All you need is an internet connection, and you’re set.

Even without an internet connection, you can save your favorite lyrics via image files to share or read over later.

You can also bookmark your favourite songs!

Whether you’re new or super experienced in the Korean language, I guarantee this app will break down all language barriers and will help you to truly enjoy your favorite KPOP tunes more than ever before.

To download click [Here] for the FREE VERSION, click [Here] for the PAID VERSION.

Free Paid
  • Anglo-phoenic unction (Romanization) of Korean
  • Favorite (Bookmarking)
  • Basic Song Player
  • All the features in the free version
  • Text modes for Easy ready: 2 words/ 3 words/ A Line
  • Search for KPOP Lyrics
  • Translation links for users who want to know the meaning of them
  • Basic song player
  • Saving Lyrics Texts to an Image
  • Emailing the Lyrics Images

I’ve already downloaded this app, and have been using it constantly.

I’m truly lovin’ it.

Here are some screenshots of the app!


No more humming and mumbling to Super Junior tunes. 🙂

Cheers, Greeniebeaniebeanie

Written by greeniebeaniebeanie (www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com)  

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