Super Junior’s Siwon gets excited by a gift from his fans – From 121207

A fan club of Super Junior’s Siwon recently hired a buffet caterer for the crew of SBS TV’s drama series The King Of Dramas.

On December 5, the fan club hired a buffet caterer and prepared meals for about a hundred people on the set of the series. It was a gift from the fan club, which was to provide a warm dinner to Siwon and the cast and the crew of the series who often skip a meal because of their busy shooting schedule.

Along with the buffet catering, the fan club put up a banner that read, “Kang Hyun Min will treat you to a buffet dinner tonight. Can you see that the audience ratings are increasing?” showing their affection for Siwon’s character and hope for the increase of the audience ratings for the series.

The temperature was below ten and it even snowed on that day. However, the crew and the cast of the series were encouraged by the nice meal provided by Siwon’s fan club.

Siwon said thank you to his fans by uploading a picture of himself with a gentle smile with the comment, “It was really cold and snowed a lot today. Thank you so much. I really had a nice meal. Please be careful when you go back home!”

Source: Star Daily News and
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