Yesung at Whystyle [Fan Account] – From 140426 to 140430



Ys: *smile*
Me: Annyeong Oppa..
Ys: Yes
Me: emm.. Green Tea ice please
Ys: Ok
Me: Take Away
Ys: Ok (busy with cashier machine)
Me: Oppa.. also mug please
Ys: What??
Me: Mug .__.
Ys: oh.. Ok
While he calculate everything
Me: Oppa.. say something for MaSi?
Ys: *blank*
Me: MaSi?
Ys: what??
Me: MaSi … Ma…Si
Ys: hmm *blank face* Ma..?
Me: Ma?
Ys: Ma?

( i think ys didnt understand with my english becos i talked too fast.. Orz)

and then Ys askes Jj who stood next to him.

Jj: emmm.. *while lookin at me*
Me: MaSi
Jj: MaSi? ….. Aaaah SIWON!
Me: smile
Ys: *nervous hahaha* and nod a bit.
Me: aaaah its ok oppa ^^ its ok..
Can i shake hand with you?
Ys: *smile* yes.. yes ^^
Me: *shake hand* Thank you Oppa ^^

Hehehehehe I am really sorry to make you nervous ^^v

Source: WeLoveYeWon


(Fan went over to ask Jongwoon what glasses suit her)

Fan: oppa… which pair of glasses suit me?
JW: $%$#%$#^@% … it hurts… I am in pain…
Fan:!!!!! What?… in pain?… which part of you are in pain?
JW: Here here. (show his right elbow quickly… with a super painful expression on his face)
Fan: What happened??? oppa are you ok?
JW: I was injured by him (point at Jongjin)…
JJ: He hit me first (saying with a super bright smile… he dress more like a celebrity then his hyung)
JW: It’s bleeding…you see you see… (showing us the wound which is smaller then 0.5cm)… it hurts.
Fan: Don’t fight~~~ oppa, here I give you a bandage.
JW: No… Real man doesn’t use this kind of things.
Fan: Wow~~~So manly… (fan thinking: then why are you keeping saying it hurts)
Fan: (to Jongjin) You are a bad guy…you hit your hyung
JJ: Thank you~~~ (super bright smile plus a wink)

JW: Put the glasses on… I will pick one for you.
(Choosing glasses…)
Fan: How about this one… I can only trust you on this.
JW: Of course… I am the professional…
Fan: I also need to get a cellphone case…
JW: Ok… (Then he spotted the SJ case customized by this fan)… oh~~ this is shit!!!!!!! (quickly help me change to a new one)
Fan: My friend bought a bracelet too… oppa can you help her to put it on?
JW: I can’t really… If I say yes, then there will be a few hundred people everyday to ask me to put it on for them… I will be dying from exhaustion.
Fan: That’s true~~~ Never mind then~~~

JW: Jongjin is really a bad guy…
JJ: Thank you~~~~ (Fan thinking,why always thank you)
Fan: Oppa you are a kind man… The kindest among all SJ members.
JW: Siwon is the kindest dongsaeng… Really is (He repeated it more than 5 times)
Fan: yah~~~ Kyuhyun also is~~~ (This fan’s biased is Kyuhyun)
JW: Kyuhyun?… Kyuhyun!?… really an annoying person… really very annoying… Have such an evil tongue… so annoying.
Fan: But his singing is so good~~~
JW: Whose singing did you say is good? … Who is it? … Who is it?
Fan: …. uh… oppa you~~~ Your singing is good.
JW: I know that… (Jongjin was laughing so hard on the side)… (toward Jongjin)Do you want to get beaten?
Fan: Thank you oppa… Please stay in good health… Taiwan is waiting for you~~~
JW: You stay in good health as well~~~

Source: tinbow
Translated by: @siohappy
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @

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