140510 – Fall in love with Heechul’s sly character in ‘Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Team’


Super Junior’s Heechul comes as an actor after a long interval and raises people’s expectation toward him by showing not intimidated performance in front of grandpas over flowers.

Heechul comes back with a new tvN drama ‘Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Team’ and has performed with outstanding senior actors such as Lee Sun Jae, Byun Hui Bong, and Jang Gwang.

The drama is about young investigators who suddenly turned into old men in 70s who have tried to get back their original bodies and an elite policeman in 20s struggling to be rejuvenated. Kim Heechul plays the role of an elite detective Park Jung Woo who did not turn into an old man in 70s.

Park Jung Woo is the only son of the chief of the National Police Agency. He always smiles and runs late for the crime scenes as he is an incurable sleepaholic. He was born with a gold spoon in his mouth but has sharpness which digs into the inside details of the case. He also shows somewhat silly character by falling down when climbing over the low fence, but has charismatic feeling when he jumps into the crime scene with his wavy bobbed-hair flapping in the wind.

Jung Woo and Lee Jun Hyun (Lee Sun Jae) have been perfect rivals since they were in National Police University and become a stimulator for each other when they meet in the special force team again. The combination of Heechul acting in 20s and Lee Sun Jae acting in 70s has delivered big laugh for the audience.

In addition to that, he also drew good reaction from the audience by coaxing a female detective in his team and talking roughly to the detectives turned into old men. Heechul’s unique character as a musician and entertainer works well in
the character that he plays.

We are looking forward to his well-suited character in the drama.

Source: Osen
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @ www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com


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