Infinite’s Sung Kyu Asks Heechul If He Really Likes His Wife on ‘We Got Married’ – From 140509


Infinite’s Sung Kyu threw a straightforward question to Super Junior’s Heechul, catching him off guard.

The May 10 broadcast of MBC Every1’s We Got Married – Global Edition 2 will show the Heechul and Guo Xue Fu couple inviting some friends over to their house for an open house party.

The friends who attended were Son Dambi, Choi Hong Man, Infinite’s Sung Kyu, Super Junior’s Zhou Mi, hair designer Geon Hee and miss A’s Jia.

After enjoying delicious food prepared by the virtual couple, they started playing a ‘truth or dare game,’ during which Sung Kyu asked Heechul, “Hyung, do you really like Guo Xue Fu? It’s all just a show, right?”

Taken aback by Sung Kyu’s straightforward question, Heechul showed a stiff face, and Choi Hong Man said, “How can you ask such a rude question to your hyung.”

But Sung Kyu said, “I’m just playing for the fun of the show,” which led Choi Hong Man to take him outside to talk.

Sensing the cold atmosphere, Guo Xue Fu started asking, “Who is mad right now?” and tried to calm things down.

The full story behind the couple’s dramatic open house party will be aired on May 10.

Source: MBC Every1 &
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