[Musical] Ryeowook’s Brilliant Stage Acting for Musical ‘Goddess is Watching’ – From 140430


On April 29th, the press conference for ‘Goddess is Watching’ was held at Doosan Art Center in Jongno District. All the actors wore yellow ribbons to offer their condolences to those affected by the Sewol ferry disaster.

The plot of the musical is the Korean War, the most tragic time in Korea’s history. 6 soldiers from South and North Korea got trapped on a dessert island. They find peace through believing the existence of a goddess. While the subject material is heavy and serious, the narration of the musical is smooth using imagination and fairy tale-like stories.

The stage actors and actress for musical ‘Goddess is Watching’

Kim Jong-goo, who makes the audience laugh, plays Captain Han Young-beom, who is worldly wise and loves his own daughter so much. Jeong Moon-seong, who has recently been on many dramas and Jo Hyung-kyun also add to the brightness of the musical.

Three actors play Ryu Soon-ho, who believes in goddess through Young-beom after suffering from the aftereffects of war and nightmares every night. Shin Sung-min has been loved by fans with the pure image he shows while acting. Lee Jae-kyun is gaining attention in the musical field. Ryeowook has proved his potential as a stage actor through musicals like ‘Temptation of Wolves’ and ‘High School Musical’.

The moment Ryeowook becomes Ryu Soon-ho on stage

Jin Seon-kyu, who recently starred in ‘Three Days’ and has been on many plays and Choi Dae-hoon play evil and cold-blooded North Korean soldier ‘Lee Chang-sub’.
Ahn Jae-young and Jung Soon-won who showed unique stage acting for the past plays play South Korean soldier Shin Suk-goo, who still has feelings for his first love. North Korean soldier ‘Jo Dong-hyun’ who never shows his feelings is played by Yoon Seok-hyun and Baek Hyung-hoon.

Delicate and talented North Korean soldier ‘Byun Joo-hwa’ is played by Ju Min-jin, who has been on this play since the beginning and Moon Sung-il, who shows unique acting styles. Lee Ji-sook and Son Mi-yeong, who’s been on this play since the beginning of the musical, play the goddess.

Ryeowook shows truthful acting style

Ryeowook plays Ryu Soon-ho, who is an innocent North Korean soldier who believes in goddess.

Ryeowook said, “I had heard of ‘Goddess is Watching’ so when I read the script I wanted to play the role. I almost missed the chance because of other schedules. I really enjoy practicing with other good actors”.

About his character, he said, “Ryu Soon-ho and Ryeowook have a lot in common. That is the reason why my acting seems authentic. I’ll show how Soon-ho overcomes his traumatic experience through people around him for 2 hours of the musical. I hope you can all enjoy it together, it’s a really good piece of work”.

It is Ryeowook’s 3rd time to play a teenager character

In 2011, the musical was created by CJ Creative Minds. Since then, it has won many awards such as Yegreen Encore at 2012 Seoul Musical Festival, the grand prize at 2013 Korean National Assembly, BEST 3 Musical Creation of the Year at 2013 The Musical Awards, the Best Script Prize at 19th Korea Musical Awards.

One of the biggest theater production companies in Korea, Theater Yeonwoo Company has helped to boost the industry for small-scale plays. ‘Goddess is Watching’ will be performed in the Yonkang Hall at Doosan Art Center until July 27th.

Source: Written by Han Jihee, Photo by Ryuma, Translated by Lee Sarah
Translated by Lee Sarah http://www.getitk.com


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