[Spot] New Faces for ‘Law of the Jungle in Brazil’, M, Kangin and Hyuk of VIXX – From 140509


On May 9th, the press conference for SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle in Brazil’ was held in a restaurant in Mok-dong in Yangcheon District, Seoul. M (or Lee Min-woo), Kangin and Hyuk of VIXX go to Brazil, where the ‘2014 Brazil World Cup’ will be held. Their challenge will begin there to become the 13th survivors.

– The three new members must have had a hard time adapting to the jungle. What are some memorable episodes?

Kangin – I first thought it would be easy as it was right after being discharged from military service. But I was never easy. Kim Byung-man always took care of the members and he took great responsibility. I learned a lot from him. As I had a really great experience I would like to tell the members of my team to give it a try.

– What was the response from the members of your teams, M and Kangin?

Kangin – The members were very supportive, saying that I could do well in the jungle. They asked me to tell the stories happened in the jungle. It was not my first time to go to Brazil as Super junior had a concert tour in South America. The members asked me if it was true that the production team does not give any food. But the show is 99.9% real. What the viewers see is everything happening while shooting, except the events happening behind the scenes. The members worried about me after seeing my tanned skin. They also made fun of me, saying, “Why did you come back? Go back and live there”.

The first episode of ‘Law of the Jungle in Brazil’ will be released at 10 pm on Friday May 9th. The show will show the survival stories in the wildlife of the jungle of Brazil.

Source: Written by Han Jihee, Photography by SBS
Translated by Lee Sarahmelicules http://www.getitk.com
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @ www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com

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