Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account] – From 140511


My friend ordered after me. She was so nervous that she forgot everything she had prepared to say to him. She ordered the drink and just looking at her own hands until my other friend remind her to pay. Lol And she reached out her hand for a hand shake, Yemom happened to pass by. Then Yesung asked my friend with a serious face that if he was asking a handshake from Yemom. My friend was so panicked and couldn’t understand what he was saying, so she turned toward us with a super red face looking for help. That’s when Yesung shook her hand! Lol

Naughty Yeye! She is still super shaky right now from the encounter. Lol

at Mobit – I ordered an iced strawberry latte the second time. He was looking down when I reached out my hand for a handshake…. And when he looked up, he looked me in the eyes and said no. I was frozen like what to do. And after a long pause, at least to me, he suddenly smile so brightly and shook my hand! So warm and small…. Omg my weak heart was in a roller coaster!!! Why you do this to me Kim Jong Woon!

@vicky13zi saw him grabbing his bag and thought he was leaving. She almost said 잘 가 to him until she saw him want to meet Leo behind the screen. Since he didn’t have any hand to open the door, he just kicked it open. You should value your own things, you know? Lol

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