140528 – SUJU’s Heechul Never Thought of Son Dambi as More than Just a Friend


Super Junior’s Heechul shared his views on dating.

During recent recording of On Style’s Get It Beauty, he shared his knowledge of dating and style.

About the topic of ‘Can a man and a woman be just friends?’ came up, Heechul said, “I’ve been friends with Son Dambi for twelve years. I think you can still be friends even if you play and drink together.”

When Kim Ji Min asked, “You never thought of her as a woman, when she is that pretty?” Heechul answered, “Never.”

Heechul said, “When I like a girl, I say ‘I like you, so let’s date! I’ll be closing my eyes so if you like me, give me a ppo ppo (a light peck) and if you don’t, you can get out of the car!’ I’ve never been rejected when I confessed like that. But the relationships didn’t last.”


When Yoo In Na asked, “What do you have to do if you want to avoid a bad guy?” Heechul said, “If you fall for a bad guy, you have to constantly request for other sides of him. You can’t be dragged along.”

He also added, “Even the company doesn’t confine me. I like a girl who confines me. I want to date a girl who is overpowering,” causing everyone to laugh at the studio.

Source: mwave.interest.me
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @ www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com


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