140602 – PlayDB Interview with The Cast of Singin’ in the Rain – Kyuhyun [Translation]


Q1. To me, “Singin’ in the Rain” is a __________
A: Dream.

Q2. The character that I am playing, Don Lockwood—describe him in 10 words
A: An innocent romantic who only has eyes for one woman.

Q3. I have confidence in playing my character better than the others!
A: I have a lot of understanding about this (piece of) work. Even before the musical started, I had seen the movie more than 20 times because I really love it.

Q4. During rehearsals, what was the thing that the director said to you that left you the deepest memory?
A: You’re a big star.

Q5. If you were to reveal an episode of a little mistake or incident with the other actors during rehearsals?
A: There were many mistakes made… Because in the musical, Lina, is a very loveable person. So I always call the person that I love– Kathy, Lina.

Q6. My favourite song in “Singing’ in the Rain”
A: Singin’ in the Rain

Q7. The most difficult part about tap dancing!
A: It just has always been difficult, from the beginning till now.

Q8: I am similar to Don in this area!
A: Even though we suddenly became popular celebrities from a normal life, we still dream of a love like in the dramas.

Q9. One scene where you have to watch properly with both eyes?
A: The scene were we sing Singin’ in the Rain

Q10. Before your first performance, say something to cheer yourself on!
A: Kyuhyun-ah, you’ll be able to do it. Don’t be scared.

Source: PlayDB
Translated by: Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @ www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com


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