Lotte Duty Fanmeet with Super Junior [Fan Account] – From 140629


Lotte FM started with Mr simple ^^
Sorry sorry
All the fan bases are sitting really far though… No one brought dslr? Haha
Donghae poked Eunhyuk’s chest
Heechul danced wrongly during Mr Simple and laughed at himself

Question: is there any member who is very loyal?

Eunhyuk: none because our relationship has exceeded that of loyalty… It’s love!
Heechul: I have
Donghae said Kangin looks like a real man

Heechul wiped his saliva on Sungmin

Question: do they envy any body parts of other members?

Ryeowook envies Eunhyuk
Heechul envies Sungmin’s big butt
Kyuhyun envies Donghae’s big eyes and said Donghae is pretty

Question: do I have a special interest now?

Heechul raised ‘x’ (no) and everyone went “aiiiii”

Donghae said he started liking photography this year

Question: is there something i am especially persistent abt?

Members teased siwon. Kyuhyun said Siwon is persistent about his sister. Eunhyuk said Siwon had also asked about his sister before too. Kangin said Siwon even asked about his aunt. Kyuhyun asked Siwon if he was just fooling around with his sister XD

Shindong is envious of Sungmin’s butt and feet becuz Sungmin has small feet. Small feet can wear many pretty shoes..

Eunhyuk has never learnt on his own,always asked others, kept asking and doesnt know how to use SNS and computer. Shindong is better at that. Eunhyuk: So i always don’t know and members dont teach me.

Kangin must check on what other members are goinf when he gets home. Heechul keeps touching Sungmin’s face, body , chin and tummy

Sungmin is persistent about noodles. He will shiver when he sees noodles ..

Shindong learnt composing with Eunhyuk 5 years ago. EH didnt know how to pay online or via TV so SD paid. SD said he hopes EH pay back soon.

Heechul said Eunhyuk ate his egg 8 years ago

Siwon kept asking Kyuhyun for his sister but Kyu rejected cuz he felt SW is his sister is not good enough for SW

Heechul said Eunhyuk took his clothes 12 years ago, ate his egg in kimchi fried rice 8 years ago and 2 years ago

EH said he will buy HC earphones but nv did. EH then said he will buy 1 at Lotte Duty Free

They sang Daydream and You&I

Kyuhyun and Sungmin are the only 2 who keep fanning themselves with a fan

Question: Any member here that makes you disappointed?

Shindong: Yes. I paid for eunhyuk’s online payment 5 years ago. I hope he will pay me back soon
Heechul: 8 years ago eunhyuk ate my fried egg

Source: 滚妹是颗双黄蛋_, 守候only13团站, PaMongMi_SJForever
Linda_Z_小枝 & SJ-M咨询台
Translated by: Elfninida @elf_ninida & ELFISHics @ELFISHics
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @


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