Fans Gift Leeteuk with Forest in Celebration of Birthday and Discharge from Army – From 140701


A forest has been built under Leeteuk’s name.

Tree Planet announced on July 1 that ‘Leeteuk forest’ has been built in Mapo district of Seoul, under Super Junior Leeteuk’s name.

Leeteuk’s fans have been working with Tree Planet since March to gift Lee Teuk with a forest to celebrate his 32nd birthday as well as his approaching discharge from the army.

Star forest project organized by social venture group Tree Planet is an environmental friendly project that builds forests under the stars’ name with the funds collected from fans.

The fans opened and promoted a fund-raising page to raise money for ‘Leeteuk forest,’ and they were able to raise 6.5 million won, a higher amount than their goal. Around 300 trees, including apple trees, have been planted in ‘Leeteuk forest’ in Mapo district.

The fans who participated in the Leeteuk forest project stated, “We’re happy to be able to build a forest that citizens can enjoy under Leeteuk’s name in celebration of his birthday and discharge from the army. As it is a forest that has been built with the fans’ love, we think that it will become a meaningful forest for Leeteuk and the fans and we hope that with continual love and interest, the forest will become more beautiful over time to provide a place for many people to rest.”

CEO Kim Hyung Soo of Tree Planet also stated, “We’re happy to be participating in building healthy fan culture by establishing forests that benefit many people. Tree Planet will build many more forests in the future to resolve issues of fine dust in the city and to provide a place for people to rest.”

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