Heechul Instagram & Twitter Updates – From 140711 to 140712



Thank you for loving <We Got Married: Global Version>. Though it was fake marriage, I think I learned a bit of how to behave to real women through . SuJu members always told me “Hyung, when we see you dating someone, you behave like a kindergartner.” and through this chance, I think I’ve upgraded from kindergartner to an elementary school student level. From now on, I will spout more kindness, and behave well to real women. I will work hard to give a good news as soon as possible. But I cannot give up on Asuka, Anna, and LOL*.. Please respect my hobbies.. Those who will stand in my way.. will suffer in my tsukuyomi**. haa…. Amaterasu!!!! #WGM #ASUKA #ANNA #LOL #NARUTO

*he starts talking in (what Koreans think is) otaku’s way of speech from this part
** Naruto reference..

Tsukuyomi makes an illusion, where the castor has control over everything (perception of time, visual, etc) and is used in the manga to torture
Amaterasu is the highest level fire technique in the manga..

Source: 우주대스타 @HeeZZinPangkimheenim
Translated by:

Yah is this Anna?kkkk the details are good
(♡_♡ )=b #19830710

Source: 우주대스타 @HeeZZinPangkimheenim
Translated by: 

Ah sleepy.. Arrived home at dawn and now in the middle of leaving to filming again. When ends it will be nearly the time for SuJu to start business .. Is it true that nowadays you have to report at Music broadcasting* from dawn? True? Real? ※a photo where my neck gets scratched. #FlowerGrandpasInvestigatingTeam #Super Junior
*music bank music core etc…

Source: 우주대스타 @HeeZZinPangkimheenim
Translated by: 


@HeeZZinPang: Thank you Soelbu ~ nice and cute woman. Next time should I be the one going to Taiwan.. 😀 😀 http://t.co/XmyCSJifav

Source: kimheenim & 우주대스타 @HeeZZinPang
Translated by: SJ-Empire @SJ_empire

This Lee Hyukjae guy must have bought the earphones that he’ll give me #intimate_note

Member Best Friend(Eunhyuk): When are you finished?
Heechul: 12..?
Eunhyuk: tremble tremble… Okay
Heechul: I have to take a picture for proof
Eunhyuk: I’ll give it to you tomorrow kk

Friday 2014 07 11
Eunhyuk: Hyung, where are you
Heechul: At work. Ah, this bastard. You’re condescending(flaunting the fact) too much, you 18-guy kk
Eunhyuk: What, what’s the use of buying this then. The owner won’t appear (to get it).

Source: 우주대스타 @HeeZZinPang
Translated by: 
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