Super Junior M to host their first reality program, “Super Junior M’s Guest House” on SBS – From 140714


Super Junior M will be airing their first individual entertainment program on SBS in September.

Titled “Super Junior M’s Guest House”, it will be starring all members of Super Junior M, in which they will be holidaying around South Korea with some lucky Chinese fans.

Super Junior M held a production presentation for the show on the 14th of July at SBS Hall in Mokdong, in which members of Super Junior M expressed what they wished to achieve through their first individual reality program.

Eunhyuk expressed that he was glad to be able to repay their Chinese fans in this way, and that he would try his best to communicate this to their fans. He also revealed that they are currently preparing their 7th official album to release in Korea, so he asked their Korean fans not to get upset or too envious.

Donghae revealed that he was currently brainstorming some activities he could do with their fans, in which as of now, he thought of taking a lot of photos together to keep these moments as memories.

Zhoumi revealed that he liked to go looking for restaurants famous for their menus during his free time, and thus showed a strong confidence in taking their fans to good restaurants around South Korea.

Unfortunately, Henry could not be present at the production presentation due to schedule conflicts.

Will you be watching “Super Junior M’s Guest House” when it starts airing in September?


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