Super Junior-M’s Henry Writes Hilarious Yet Warm Letter to His Mom, Reveals Old Family Photo on “Real Men” – From 140720


On the July 20 broadcast of the MBC variety program, “Real Men,” the soldiers get to read the letters they will send to their mothers.

Henry’s letter drew a lot of attention for his honest yet comical way of conveying his thoughts to his mother who is in Canada.

The Super Junior-M member, who hasn’t seen his mom in three years, said, “Mom, your height must be decreasing little by little and your hair must be falling one by one. Please, mom, be healthy,” showing how worried he is about his mother.

“Mom, you’ll get bald if you have a lot of stress. I’d hate for mom to be bald. I’ll work hard so you don’t have to stress yourself,” said Henry, bringing the soldiers to laugh over his concern.

Henry followed, “I’m living my life as a soldier and the people here like me. Anyway, don’t look at the comments on the internet. You could get hurt.”

“It’s good that I can give laughter to people. I’ll make mom live like a princess when I succeed,” added Henry, showing his filial personality.

After Henry read his heartwarming letter to his mom, an old family photo showing a much younger Henry was also shown, raising the interest of viewers because Henry looks so much like his younger self.

Watch Henry read out his hilarious yet warm letter to his mom here:

On this same episode, Henry and Seo Kyung Suk also showed off their dancing skills as they surprisingly joined the dance number of four Filipino children who performed Girls’ Generation’s “Gee.”

The cast of “Real Men” went to Tacloban, Philippines and helped rebuild the city which was terribly hit by Typhoon Haiyan last year.

Source: Soompi
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