Heechul Twitter & Instagram Updates – From 140814 to 140828



It’s been 3 years since I had my last broadcast with ‘Mr. Simple’. I wasn’t trembling even for the first broadcast on 20051106 hawhawhaw. #MAMACITA #Isitadreamthatendedlikethis

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MBC <Say Your Wish> Everyone it’s been hard work on you! Seoyeon ah! Actually I’m not unni but oppa. Something that I couldn’t bring to light even till the end.. Let’s meet during <Inkigayo> prerecording tomorrow. My kids thank you so much today #Sayyourwish #MAMACITA

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Let’s meet in an hour. #makeawish

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Translated at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee

Tonight at 7PM. Let’s meet at Kyunghee university Peace Hall!! please enjoy my transformed look too. It’s not 8PM, but 7.. #TellMeYourWish

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SJ Coming!! I’m HEE..^^ #LeeDonghaecosplay #you’llgetwrinklesonyourforehead #doroppong #yuroppong #IamHeeroppongsoIcannotevensayitonbroadcast

doroppong = donghae, yuroppong = yunho, heeroppong = heechul

heeroppong is what koreans call `meth` so that`s why heechul cannot say it on broadcast

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..rainy night.. #Leeteukcosplay #recollectiongram #selfboastinggram #83 #grampaline

Leeteuk`s comment on heechul`s IG post: you`re imitating me without any meaning. (my posts)have meanings behind them~

heechul`s reply to leeteuk: should I add meaning to mine too then?? kkkk no, i`ll restrain myself. Come back to dorm, let`s live together.

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it’s my face but this is really handsome. #MAMACITA

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my hair has grown a lot longer.. But don’t I look awesome with long hair too? indeed.. which hairstyle doesn’t suit me.. But why is the guy geonhee making a fuss telling me to cut my hair a little?😐😐 #MAMACITA

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It’s a stage after 3 years. #SJ #MAMACITA

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This time, I did it right after knowing it correctly. I was hit twice so I will donate 200 dollars. I hope at least through this, that many people will give it attention. Be strong. I chose `Lee SooMan teacher, Kim Youngmin representative, and SNSD leader Taeyeon` for the next up.  http://instagram.com/p/r8vcGdI-cp/

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Please make ‘Frozen’ for the 7-year old SeoYeon. On 27th August at 7pm, KyungHee University <Grand Peace Palace>. Please dress up in items like winter gloves, scarfs and gather together (Yoo Young Suk, Kim Sung Joo, Kim Heechul). PS. Entry fee is free (Entrance during the event is also allowed) .

T/N: Updated at about 10.02pm KST. Grand Peace Palace is a venue.

Source: kimheenim
Translated by: Heart Hee @HeartHeeSubs


Heebum-ah, why are you embracing Anna?? #HEEBUM #Affair#LoveandWar #ASUKA #ComeBackAsukaJjang

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I will take part in the good deed (those who helped: Yang SeHyung, Yang SeChan, LeeJinho) but I didn`t know how to do it so.. Is it like refreshing game…. Do i have to do it again?…. http://instagram.com/p/r4gnRho-bc/

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Gunhee: Yah let’s cut a little of your bangs and at the back.
Me: I wanted bobbed hair?
Gunhee: Then let’s trim a little so that it can get long.
Me: I wanted long hair?
Gunhee: Do it however you like it this brat!!
Me: Shall we cut a little?^-^
Gunhee: Waa.. There’s this kind of extreme person right?
Me: It’s Kim Bipolar
Gunhee: Haa.. I got it. So I’ll cut it?
Me: Why?
Gunhee: This XXXXXXXXXX!!
Never Ending Story

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Teuk-ee and I have completely opposite personalities. Teuk-ee always endures and contains (his emotions), while I always yell and solve (the problem) right away. Teuk-ee is a bit timid?, and I am a bit crazy?. Teuk-ee decorated his room all white, while I decorated my room all red. Teuk-ee says to reflect back to yesterday, while I say ‘let’s think about what to do tomorrow’.. And it kept going like that until few years ago, some events that made me think ‘Ah, I should always be on Teuk-ee’s side’ happened and since then, if Teuk-ee were to ask me to (do something), even if I ignored the company and manager’s words before and even if it was an unreasonable (request), without asking him why, I would follow Teuk-ee’s opinions. And gradually, we more and more deepen our relationship, and be drawn to each other’s eyes. And finally, Heechul breathed heavily and started stroking Teuk-ee’s face…?! kkkkkkkkkkkk #fanfic #83 #inspiration*


*(not sure if Heechul meant ‘old guy(s)’ 영감 or ‘inspiration’영감 here .. since they are same words;;;)

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It’s Hwanhee hyung, Hwanhee hyung!!😚😚 #Jungsoora#Sungdongdistrictoffice #Sungdongcafe

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SM TOWN. It’s Lay. Haa.. He has 8 years age difference with me나.. When I was Lay’s age I was singing ‘MIRACLE’ and dancing cutely around.. Up till now the time you had was dark right~

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I have to get a concept but.. I’ve tried all sorts of hairstyles since debut, *so how sorrowful is it that I no longer have any hair colors and styles to try.. My subjects.. Which of my hairstyles did you like the best..

T/N: *Heechul starts using the way kings talked

Source: ; kimheenim
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