140901 – Super Junior, ranks no. 1 in 4 countries’ iTunes album chart – no.1 in Chinese MV chart


Group SuperJunior is getting popularity by ranking the top in various music charts in Asia.

SuperJunior’s global popularity could be realized with its 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ released globally through iTunes, ranking no. 1 in 4 Asia countries’ album charts; Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and ranking in the upper rankings of global charts of Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesian, Macao, Finland, Mexico, and even South America on last 30th.

Additionally, 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ MV which was released on 28th, ranked no. 1 in Chinese online video site iQIYI and in MV weekly chart (August 25th~31st) of Chinese music site Yinyuetai’s V chart, proving the power of global Korean Wave king.

New song ‘MAMACITA’ is an urban new jack swing genre song which the piano melody makes one anticipate of drum sound and DJ remix with the Indian percussion rhythm at the basis. SuperJunior has performed their comeback stage with ‘MAMACITA’ in various terrestrial music programs, and making headlines by attracting fans with new music and powerful performance which is mingled well.

Especially, title song ‘MAMACITA’s performance is collaborated with global choreographer Tony Testa and Super Junior for the first time and raised its completeness with SM performance directing team ‘BeatBurger’s Shim Jae Won’s participation. The buzz is that great performance is created by SuperJunior’s active participation of their various opinion added in the formation of the choreography.

Also the whole concept of this performance is formed with dances that make one anticipate of passionate ‘Spanish warrior’ bullfighter, bull, flamenco, and doubled the charm of the song with restrained masculine performance.

Meanwhile, SuperJunior is going to actively perform with ‘MAMACITA’, and release album offline on 1st.

Source: Osen.co.kr (Seon Mi Kyoung)
Shared by: greeniebeaniebeanie @ www.thesuperjuniorhandbook.wordpress.com


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