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Super Junior Member Shindong Joins The Army, #ThankU_Shindong Trends Worldwide – From 150324


Shindong (legal name Shin Dong Hee) is the latest member of the SM Entertainment boy band Super Junior to enlist in the South Korean army to serve his mandatory military service.

The pop star quietly reported for duty on  on Tuesday, March 24. A representative from SM Entertainment disclosed the day before that Shindong wanted to enter the military without any fanfare.

His battalion will be the 28th Infantry Division of Yeoncheon.

Shindong is not the only member of Super Junior who is entering the military this month. His group mate Lee Sungmin is as well. Sungmin, who married musical actress Kim Sa Eun last December in a small, private ceremony, is entering at the end of this month, on March 31.

Before Sungmin enters active duty, he will be training at the 17th Infantry Division in Bucheon.

With Shindong leaving quietly to do his service obligation, fans on social media as created a trending hashtag to support him while he is serving. The hashtag  #ThankU_Shindong is trending on Twitter from fans globally.

Shindong was originally supposed to enter the military on November 24, 2014, but postponed his enlistment due to back pain.

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