170623 – Report of Kyuhyun as a role model soldier in the army training camp


According to the other trance soldiers in the same camp as Kyuhyun, they said Kyuhyun is really a role model for the past 4 weeks in the training camp. Kyuhyun will attend all the various training session diligently and he even became a squadron leader too! Kyuhyun shooting skill is extremely good, is really shocking!

Overall, Kyuhyun is truly a good role model for every soldiers in the army! Kyuhyun have completed his 4 weeks training at Nongsan Training Centre on 22nd June. Kyuhyun received praising medal award from the Head of the army and was awarded with vacation leave too.

Public service usually get 5 days leave only, however starting from 2017 onwards it will be increased to 30-40 days leave annually. If Kyuhyun continues to serve well as a role model he will be entitled to ample of leave vacation. Kyuhyun will complete his public serving duty on 24th May 2019.

Source: Yjyj_9712


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