170626 – Leeteuk gets robbed in Switzerland

Leeteuk revealed on instagram and twitter on June 25 that he was robbed during his trip in Switzerland. He was in Switzerland to film the variety show, Delivery.


In the Instagram post he states,

“The embassy said to definietly convey this to eveyrone. The damage from a robbery is serious so they have always told tourists to need to be cautious. You might feel at ease just because you think it will be safe when it’s Switzerland but always be cautious about safety. I want to quickly go back to Korea..”

On Twitter he posted:

@special1004: ..#NeedToGoBackToKoreaBut ..#Staff’s #Phone #Passport #Everything #IsLost #DelieveryWasMade #FromKorea #Program #ProductionStaff #sns #ContactingTHrough #sns #LikeThis #NotSureHowDifficultItWillBe #ToGoBackRecording #Immediately #SoWeMakeThisContact #Passport #Everything #Robbery.. #WeWillGoBack #Quickly..

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Luckily, no one was hurt. Since the filming of the show has completed, Leeteuk will return to Korea on June 28 with a temporary passport given by the Korean embassy.

Source: @special1004
Instagram Translation: 
Twitter Translation: @13elieveSG

Article written by: thesuperjuniorhandbook
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