Hello~ Here you can discuss anything Super Junior related.
You can introduce yourselves, share opinons, etc.
You could say good things, bad things, anything.. literally.
Just try not to bash each other. (:

Also.. if you have anything good .. or even bad,, to say
about this site.. please leave a comment. (:
I would love to hear your feedback!
If you have any suggestions on how I could improve
this blog/site.. please leave a comment or email me at


Thank you!

30 comments on “Guestbook

  1. Thank you for making your website 🙂 i can find my SuJu information faster now 😀

    Though i know this might sound silly but i was wondering the Gif of the month the one with Sungmin and Dongahe can u tell me where that is from i recognize it i just cant seem to remember and honestly its actually bugging me that i cant remember haha if not thank you anyways ….. Once again Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for making this website. Now I know all about the Super Junior members.

  3. Annyeong~ Hm, Where can I download the “SuJu Greeting” that you have in your playlist? 😀

  4. Hello~ I would like to ask where can I download the Suju’s greeting that you have on your playlist? 😀

  5. Hello, How can i view lyrics?

    • move ur mouse over the “lyrics” tab.. then “vol.1 , vol.2, vol.3 , vol.4, vol.5 should pop up underneath.” then click one of the pages. :P. Vol.1-3 are password protected though cause they aren’t finished xD.

  6. its so different from b4 but it so nice lol 🙂

  7. hi there, do you know where is kona beans located at? and do you know how to get there?

  8. I really like this site! …Except that the background seems to be lacking a few pics… 😦 But I’m glad you still translate and publish posts from our missing/ex-members 🙂

  9. thanks for this webside love it saranghaey

  10. …I’m jealous. The background is AMAZING!!! From all of the SJ fansites I’ve visited, this site is definitely one of the greatest for me. Its layout seems suitable for SJ. 🙂

    (: Nice Work 🙂

  11. Currently counting down until SJ-M’s BreakDown releases. View page “Count Down: SJ-M Breakdown Release”
    Keeping time track of the following:
    South Korea (Korea)
    Anyone can request a countdown 🙂
    Daily updates to all followers through guestbooks 😀

  12. Thankyu so so much for this website !!! I haven’t seen any Canadian ELF support groups , so really i’m so so thankful ~

  13. Just became a fan in 2013! Eunhyukie ❤

  14. oh I love super junior they are the best!but who even is the best is kyuhyun…wait or sungmin.oh no!i cant decide

  15. This website is really cool! I’m new to the whole Super Junior fandom, so I was looking for a website that would help me figure out which member is which. And this was the most helpful site I found. Thank you!:)

    p.s. I think Kyuhyun is my favorite:) xoxo

  16. ●Vote to SJ●
    It’s a korea official website to vote SJ
    Very important to SJ 7 comeback


    And, best song at 2009 Sorry Sorry


    last 9 hrs!!!

  17. I’m so happy to find your site <3<3<3 I've lived in Toronto for nearly a year and I felt so sad cause I thought there wasn't any ELF here. Through your site I hope I can become friend with more ELF in Canada :))

  18. Toronto ELFs anywhere?

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