Here.. you will find.. dramas where.. some of the members have acted in.
This includes drama’s where they’ve been casted as main characters, supporting roles, and even camoes.
Enjoy! ❤

**Click Pictures For More Info~**


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  1. cheesecake225 says:

    Keke, you forgot to add Posideon. The drama that Siwon acted in. ^^


      1. cheesecake225 says:

        LOL. Glad to help~! ^^

  2. Niconote says:

    There isn’t Rainbow Romance. Heechul and Kibum were the main
    and shouldn’t there be Attack on the Pin Up Boys? Its a Suju movie.
    Anyway, thanks for listing this ^^

    1. It’s a drama page.. that’s why I didn’t put the movieee. And yeahh I forgot about that one. Thanks!

  3. Jewel1513 says:

    Kibum ” I love Lee TaeRi” ^.^
    Oh and the new dramas from Zhou Mi “When love walked in” and the drama in which Donghae will play “Miss Panda & Hedgehog“ 😀

    1. Thanks! I’ll update this page soon! I haven’t updated this in awhile :$

  4. lialyn says:

    wow!!! kamsahamnida/.. now i know

  5. Kim Zonze says:

    How can I find Heenim’s chinese drama “Youth Melody” Eng Sub?

  6. elf says:

    what about the king of dramas ? (siwon’s drama)

    1. Thanks for telling me, I will add it later.
      I haven’t updated this page since the Summer 🙂

  7. deborah says:

    super junior fighting

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