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*Hangeng is currently pursuing a solo career.

Hankyung (Korean)/ Hangeng (Chinese)/ 한경 / 韓庚 / 韩庚
D.O.B: February 9th, 1984
Origin: Mudanjiang, China
Height, Weight: 181cm/66kg
Blood Type: B
Occupations: Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Model
Instruments: Piano
Labels/Company: SM Entertainment (2005-2010) , Yue Hua Entertainment
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior (2005-2010), is currently solo
Hobby: Martial Arts, Dancing, Ballet
Siblings: None
Religion: Atheist
Nicknames: Beijing Fried Rice, …

Debut: In 2002 he passed the SM Entertainment’s audition in China. He was one out of the 3000 to pass the auditions. He left for Korea. His family was poor, so when he left he didn’t ask for money and left with an empty wallet. Using a vacation visa, he left to a country where he wouldn’t know anyone, without money and without knowing any Korean words. After 2 more years of hard training, Hangeng made his debut as a member of the new project group “Super Junior 05″ together with 11 Korean guys. These 12 reached fame, but several months later something very harsh happened. Since Hangeng was the first Chinese person to debut in Korea, Hangeng and SM didn’t know about the laws. Hangeng found out that his visa was wrong, and that he was no longer allowed to perform until the Visa problem had been solved. There was also a law saying that foreigners could only perform on 3 TV channels. Basically, Hangeng was told that he would be fined or even kicked out of Korea if he performed on TV. Wanting to help the band, Hangeng came up with an idea.. Would it be possible to stay by their side (super junior) if no one knew who he was? Since he wore a mask… he was able to perform. He continued to wear his mask for 2-3 months. He was seen as a backup dancer. The members tried to comfort him, but still he was in deep pain. He always told his mother on the phone that everything was okay. His lines had to be lip-synched by other members while he was still hiding in the back. Then finally, Heechul (member of Super Junior) had, had enough of Hangeng’s tears. After a performance, Heechul pushed Hangeng to the front of the stage wanting for him to perform bravely. Hangeng hurried to hide but Heechul pulled him back, and told him to not worry and to remove the mask.

Solo Career: Hangeng’s solo career was officially announced on June 22, 2010.


  • Hangeng first learned a few words of Korean, but with time he got more and more fluent.
  • Hangeng can do a lot of different dance styles. This including all 56 chinese traditional dances.
  • Hangeng does martial arts.
  • Hangeng is a very good person. He sends his money to his parents in China and he even bought a dumpling restaurant for his mother.
  • With ELF’s votes Hangeng was chosen as one of the torchbearers during Olympics 2008.
  • He is the only Chinese member of the group.
  • He is the leader of Super Junior M.
  • Hangeng was about to walk into the SM building when a huge, extremely tall fangirl ran towards him at the speed of 60 mph. “Oppa!” Hangeng freaked out, dropped his card, and started pounding on the door fanatically, crying for help.
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He always carry a Chinese-Korean dictionary.
  • He is the Mr. Beijing Fried Rice of Super Junior.
  • He didn′t know any Korean word when he arrived Korea.
  • He never spends his money, because he saves it for his parents.









Drama (cameo)

Attack On The Pin-Up Boys







Music Video (Zhang Liyin)

I Will



Music Video (Zhang Liyin)

The Left Shore Of Happiness



Music video (Zhang Liyin)

Stage Of Youth

Xia Lei


Drama – Leading Role

My Kingdom

Meng Erkui


Movie – Leading Role

The Founding of a Party

Deng Xiaoping


Movie – Cameo Appearance



12 Comments Add yours

  1. yanawooky says:

    love you hangeng..!!!
    saranghea ❤

    1. Tempe Edwards says:

      actually, im his younger sister-his twin. we will be doing a lot of dna testing soon, he is solo temporarly, he is not an athesist—he is actually quite the opposite of that and me too, and he is still in SMENT. Han Geng and I will be married soon as a Royal wedding! we have Royal kids and Royal adult as older ones like Park Hyung from Block B! also Royal pregnancy nowadays!! from Tempe C. Edwards aka Tan pei Aidehua zi Si


    2. Tempe Edwards says:

      Heechul&i r true love! also: royal babies&royal wedding with me&Heechul. i known Han Geng! i havent seen him in long time!

  2. RosaGeng says:

    Hangeng sarange… Wish I could see u in person.. just once would be enough then I can live happily 😦

  3. RosaGeng says:

    Hangeng sarange… At first u’r da reason that make me like SuJu bt then u left i a wink.. I miz u…:( wish I could see u in person…. Just once would be enough.. Then i can be happy ever

  4. saranghae hangeng oppa

  5. milkshake says:

    we hope that HanGeng could visit Manila… please… haha! I would be the happiest gengfan in the world if i see him in person… and kiss him.. hahaha! Gengfan Philippines is made for you Hannie… we love you here in Philippines…

  6. cloudie says:

    Awww hankyung ❤ He's a really filial child, he gave all his money to his parents to open dumpling shops!

  7. swimfreak778 says:

    HANGENG!!!!! You make me proud to be Chinese!

  8. Poor Han Geng being chased 🙂

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