Name: Kim Ryeo Wook or Ryeowook/Wookie
Birthday: June 21st, 1987
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer
Education: Inha University- Department of Drama and Cinema
Hobby: Singing, Composing music
Favorite foods: Ice cream, Kimchi w/ fried rice, Chocolate, strawberries covered w/ chocolate
Casting: CMB Youth ChinChin Festival Popular Reward 2004
First Appearance: June 2004, MBC “Starry Night” Contest 1st Place
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior, Super Junior M, Super Junior K.R.Y
Member Since: the beginning.
Favorite Color: Purple
Label: SM Entertainment

Ryeowook was discovered at the CMB Youth Chin Chin Festival in 2004. Ryeowook was actually not supposed to be a part of the group. There was another member that was supposed to debut in Super Junior 05, but he decided not to, so Ryeowook took his place just weeks before the actual debut. Ryeowook made his debut 2 months after joining SM Entertainment.

  • likes girls who sing well and have nice necks
  • likes free makeup samples
  • never carries an umbrella
  • plays the piano very well
  • cries easily
  • used to play the triangle in the school’s orchestra
  • had his first kiss when he was 7
  • lost his shoe during a Miracle performance
  • can sleep up to 18 hours a day
  • never irons newly bought jeans
  • has a mole on his right cheek. It’s quite prominent when he doesn’t wear makeup
  • wrote Kangin’s and Yesung’s radio logo songs
  • likes to talk to others about what he eats
  • can speak ‘broken’ English
  • is the 4th heaviest drinker out of all 13 Super Junior members
  • is the 2nd most outgoing member, after Kangin.
  • is in Super Junior’s 1st & 3rd Subgroups Super Junior KRY & Super Junior M
  • is shy at first then talkative when you get to know him
  • likes to take care of the other members by cooking for them
  • According to Kyuhyun, he “pushes” food on to the other members, and throws tantrums when they don’t eat it. (he makes even more!)
  • worries about his image and often wears make up even off screen
  • wears make up on when he meets his parents due to his skin being ruined by the continuous makeup he’s put on for Super Junior’s promotional activities. He’s worried that his parents will be sad when they see it. 
  • has one of the strongest voice in the whole group
  • Story: Him, Sungmin, went to Kangin’s radio show. Everyone there was chatting happily expect for him. Sungmin felt it immediately and asked Ryeowook, “Why are you so quiet? Have you done something wrong?” He replied sadly that he thought today’s live was open to viewers so her styled his hair, dress up, and wore makeup but unfortunately they weren’t  allowing viewers to see the show today. When everyone heard it, they laughed so hard they almost cried


Year Title Network
2007 Attack on the Pin Up Boys  
2009 Intimate Note KBS
2009 SEOUL Music Video
2009 Stage Of Youth CCTV
2010 Super Show 3D  
2010 When Falling In Love With A Friend Music Video
2011-present Kiss The Radio Radio
2011 Temptation of Wolves Music Theatre
2012 Immortal Song 2 KBS
2012 Shinhwa Broadcast JTBC
2012 SM TOWn – I AM  
2012 Come to play MBC


33 comments on “Ryeowook

  1. i agree 100% when “Ryeowook has one of the strongest voice in the whole group”. Almost song from SJ had a wookie voice~~

  2. his eyes… looks like Jinwoon from 2AM by glance…

  3. ryeowook saranghae

  4. ryeowook saranghae you are my IDOL

  5. yah ryeowook oppa ! bogoshipo and saranghae !!! jebal nareul ttomgjiman

  6. i love u ryeowook…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    당신이 사랑하는
    saranghae ❤ ❤

  7. hahahaha!!! ryeowook is really an amazing person…I love him so much..

  8. Ryeowook!!!!!!!!Ryeowoook!!!!! Ryeowook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lol wookie is really funny. He can be so quiet/introverted sometimes, yet at other times he can actually talk a lot. And yes, obsessed about his image 😛


  11. my love all members of super junior but in love ryeowook very much.ryeowook faiting

  12. Men When I Saw ryeowook Favorite Color Is Purple I Really Can’t Stand It Because My Favorite Color Is purple

  13. love you ryeowook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  14. Ryeowook’s voice is SEX.

  15. wow,his voice is sooo amazing…i like his voice 🙂

  16. god I love Ryeowook! it is so good to get to know him better. He can be so cute sometimes especially since he doesn’t want his parents to be sad. He shouldn’t worry so much about his image though! I’m sure everyone would still love him no matter what he looked like! ❤ :3

  17. Ryeowook voice really can make people melt.

  18. I can’t believe he likes PURPLE!!

  19. I Love ryeowook ^.^

  20. ryeowook is a hot guy that is sensitive and even americans like him like me and he is a greatcsinger

  21. →사랑해←ツ

  22. Personally I think hes the most underrated out of all the members. For some reason I notice hes almost always towards the back in most of the Super Junior videos (when its not a close up) which I don’t understand because he has such a strong voice and is one of the main singers in the group after all. Another thing I don’t understand is why hasn’t Super Junior or even the sub group K.R.Y taken advantage of his amazing piano skills yet?? I mean could you imagine a ballad type of song preformed by K.R.Y with his wonderful piano playing behind it? I feel like it would be so beautiful but, I have yet to hear such a song taking advantage of his awesome talent. I also see lots of people having members like Siwon or Donghae as there bias(which is fine because everyone has favorites) but it seems(by what I have seen) that less people seem to show there love for Ryeowook. It makes me sad because, he works just as hard and he deserves just as much love from his fans as all the members of the group do. If your still reading this and haven’t figured it out yet, yes he is my bias! I feel like hes a super adorable, kindhearted person with great talent and amazing potential. I look forward to seeing what he has planned next in life and where is career will take him in the future. Just some of my opinions but, lots of love to all from a Ryeowook biased fan ❤

  23. go ryeowook ;))

  24. i like ryeowook so……… much i can’t believe he like purple because my favorite colour purple and his voice so cute….. and my love ryeowook for ever

  25. I really really love wookie oppa.
    I wish that someday he’ll marry me.
    yes he is underrated member but who cares? he lives his life at ease.
    his voice makes me feel relaxed I feel at ease and calm whenever i heard his voice,i will always love him.♥

  26. Kim Ryeowook is my favorite out of all the boy in the group, I’d to learn Korean so I can talk to him.

  27. Kim Ryeowook I wish I can talk to you is person, your the cutest guy in the world to me, your hair is like the blazing sun in Mr. Simple I loved the way you look in that video you sounded the best.

  28. Kim Ryeowook I love you so much, I wish I could meat you some day, I plan to work hard just to meat you some day, Ryeowook I think your the best singer in the world, no one is better then you.

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