“Firstly, I am in the process of preparing for the play and releasing the drama. Whether I will participate in the fourth album, resume solo activities, or continue acting, need to be further discussed with my company.” – Kibum

Real Name: Kim Kibum
Stage Name: Kibum
D.O.B: August 21, 1987
Where he was born: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: practicing singing, practicing facial expressions, Computer Games
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2002
First Appearance: April 2004, KBS “April Kiss” TV Series
Siblings:1 Younger sister, Sei Hee
Member Since: the beginning.
Instrument: Piano
Occupations: Singer, Rapper, Actor, Dancer, Model.
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior
Label: SM Entertainment

Before Debut:
Kibum was often seen participating in runway modelling and appearing in advertisements for KTF, C&C phone, NF Sonata, OLIVE, My Chew, Ottogi Noddle and Elite Uniform with his SM senior BoA. He was also seen in many other ads with fellow future co-star, Ahyoomee, Go Ara and future bandmate Kim Heechul.

In 2002, he was discovered by a talent agent from South Korea and was recommended to audition for the Starlight Casting System (SM).  Kibum soon signed a contract with SM Entertainment and became their official trainee, being trained in areas of singing, acting , dancing, and other performing talents such as hosting and modeling. He placed particularly strong efforts in acting, as he explained that he is most interested in that area. Although he resided in Seoul at the time, he constantly returned to Los Angeles to visit his family and to attend short school sessions.


  • At the age of ten, Kibum moved to Los Angeles, California, United States where he attended his high school years at Santa Monica High School.
  • Kibum is Christian.
  • He used to live with Heechul and Han Geng in a separate dorm from the other members.
  • He always say that being a singer is God’s will.This is because when Kibum was living in America,he went to church every week.And on one of the week after service,he and his group of friends went to eat spicy ricecake.Unfortunately he lost his way.And thats when he met one of the SM person that asked him to join.
  • is not in a subgroup
  • Came to korea in hopes of making lots of money.
  • Kibum was trained in acting, singing, dancing, and modeling.
  • Kibum first debuted as an actor like fellow member Heechul.
  • Kibum is very passionate about acting.
  • After starring along side with Heechul in “sharp2” it was announced that kibum would make a second debut as a singer.
  • Kibum is a cheerful person.
  • Kibum is known to be less talkactive than the other members.
  • Kibum has a very special way of laughing, by covering his mouth with his hand.
  • Since Kibum lived in LA, Kibum nknows more english than the other members.
  • Kibum loves to play computer games. (like StarCraft.)
  • As Super Junior made their 3rd comeback, fans noticed the absence of Kibum.. He didn’t show up for their performances or interviews through 2009. It turned out that Kibum was spending 2009 where he felt the happiest; which is acting. (Some fans were still upset that Kibum chose to spend his time on the movie instead of helping his band.)
  • Kibum wishes to be remebered as an outstanding actor.


Year Title Network
2004 April Kiss
2005 Rainbow Romance MBC
2005 Marrying a Millionaire SBS
2005 Sharp 2 KBS
2006 Snow Flower
2006 Passion (My Everything) Music Video
2007 Attack on the pin-up boys
2008 Chunja’s Happy Events MBC
2010 Jumunijn
2010 A Nap Musical
2011 Deep Rooted Tree SBS
2012 I Love Lee Tae-ri tvN



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  1. Li En says:

    Kibum oppa hope you come back soon ❤

  2. joanna says:

    KIBUM oppa we MISS you……<3


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