Name: Lee Sung Min
Stage Name: Sungmin
Birthday: Jan, 1st, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Chinese martial arts, watching movies, playing musical instruments
Casting: 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2001
Label: SM Entertainment
Occupations: Singer, Actor, Model, Song-writer, Dancer, Radio host.
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior, Super Junior T, Super Junior H, Super Junior M.
First Appearance: August 2005, MBC “Sea of sisters”
Member Since: the beginning.
Nicknames: Rabbit and Pink Prince.
Siblings:1 Young brother, Sungjin
Religion: Christian


  • He is anemic
  • He does martial arts & taught himself num chucks
  • Sungmin is good at massages. He took classes
  • He wears a ring on his pinky finger. It is said he has worn this since he was a little kid
  • When asked to finish the sentence, “Super Junior is…” he replied, “a theme park”
  • He says his cuteness is natural. If someone asks him to do aegyo he can’t do it
  • He loves the color pink
  • He was going to change his wardrobe once but there was too much pink so he decided not to.
  • He wants his noona fans to call him oppa if it would make them feel better
  • Hes very precise when he cooks
  • The other members of SJ think he’d be the best candidate for getting caught cheating on his gf
  • When he gets bored, Sungmin opens the window of his van and shouts “We are Super Juni-OR!” to random people on the street
  • Sungmin get’s really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaally cute when he’s drunk so Heechul had to slap him to snap him out of it
  • Sungmin is the “Pretty Boy” of Super Junior
  • He has a special charm, and knows how to use it
  • He loves wine
  • Sungmin loves to play different instruments
  • Sungmin is known as a multi-talented idol due to the fact that he is able to acquire many skills (just by practicing) and be good at them. However, he doesn’t have anything that he really excels at ie; singing, dancing, gag, variety, etc


Year Title Network
2005 Sisters of the Sea MBC
2005 Chamel House Boy KBS
2006 Bajun Theater: Finding Lost Time SBS
2007 Attack on the Pin Up Boys
2007 Hello Chat Mnet
2007 Idol World Mnet
2007 Girls Generation Goes to School Mnet
2008 Super Junior Unbelievable Story MBC
2008 Idol Show MBC
2008 Unbelievable Outing S3 MBC
2009 Miracle Show KBS
2009 Intimate Note KBS
2009 Oppa Band KBS
2009 Royal Musical Akilla Musical Theatre
2010 Super Show 3 3D
2010 The President KBS
2010 Hong Gildong Musical Theatre
2011 Happy Together S3 KBS
2011-12 Jack The Ripper Musical Theatre
2012 Come to play
2012 Shinhwa Broadcast



23 Comments Add yours

  1. Aki-moto says:

    So…I thought you said you were removing SarcasticlyAzn’s written stuff?

    1. I removed it along time ago.

  2. sHeRrY says:

    can sungmin speak chinese?

    1. aimee says:

      yeah, he’s in Super Junior M, so of course he can speak chinese *but not that GREAT, just basic need*

      1. 8D.
        I forgot to add thattt.
        I made these pages last August and haven’t updated them for awhile..
        Thank you!

  3. Victoria says:

    can any of the super junior members speak english fluently?

    1. smtownrusuh says:

      just kibum and … siwon maybe

  4. someone who LOVES super junior says:

    sungmin is also reaaaaallllllyy good at being a father. i saw it on a youtube video

  5. cloudie says:

    Multi-talented aegyo king. Voice – check. Dance – check. Guitar – check. Cuteness – check X 1000000!!!!!

  6. yenhiese says:

    i love you sungmin oppa when i heard that your favorite color is pink i always laughing and i dont now why hahaha by the way i love you so much your sooooo cute!!!

  7. memen says:

    sungmin oppa!!!

  8. memen says:

    at first kyuhyun oppa is my favorite suju member, but when i started viewing suju videos..,i also came to love sungmin oppa for his cuteness,talent and everything abt him:) now i can’t choose between who’s num.1 for me..i guess the 2 of dem!haha

    1. SuJuSungmin says:

      Exactly…exact same thing happened to me….actually what attracted me the most was the way how he can master anything in a short time and how good in it he can be..

  9. Pinker bell says:

    I love u oppa, when I knew that u luv pink like me…. I’m so happy!

  10. He has flaws, but his flaws make him even MORE Aegyo!! ❤ (my opinion x//D)

  11. danielle steck says:

    sungmin is very hot and is cute and very good with acting out expressions and me american like him too

  12. Ceriana says:

    I Love Sungmin.

  13. Nathalie says:

    May I ask if Sungmin is one of the main vocals? I didn’t find it, but I might be blind, haha. Also, I’d like to know all the others, if you have time. 🙂
    Thank you for this wonderful page!

    1. I guess. Usually they get an even amount of lines.
      But if by main you mean powerful, then it’d be Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung 🙂

  14. Nathalie says:

    Okay, thank you very much 😀
    I heard that he was one of the main vocals, but they might be wrong 🙂

  15. anne moreno says:

    Well for me I hope Sung Min can read this one … Because you know when he is in front of me I’ve wanted to say to him a lot … Sung Min I am just only you’re fan you didn’t know me a lot, but I know you a hundred times because ofcourse you’re famous, even the internet know you… You know you’re such an Inspiration to me I can all face my fears by just thinking your name, I can be more smarter and trying hard know in school because I remember you… You’re such an INSPIRATION to me, you really didn’t know how you make me happy and make me smile each day, because of you, maybe if there’s no Sung Min in this world I cannot leave Forever… that’s TRUE, NO LIE! I’m just telling my FEELING’s for you…. You know why am I doing this because I just want to see you in personal and HUG you very very very very very TIGHTLY and have an autograph sign to you in personal …. I study hard because I want to earn money just to see you in south korea even if it is hard to find you I will do because I’m youre Dying Hard and Loyal/Big FAN FOREVER or to go to your concert just also to see you too.. I am Happy because Sung Min came here in this world and also to my Life…. I Hope I can SEE you In Personal … maybe when I did that I can really die immediately because there’s no more GOAL in my life that I have to fulfill …. SARANGHAE SUNG MIN OPPA ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ALL THAT I'VE SAID TO YOU IS ALL TRUE AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUE IT IS ALL NO LIE I PROM15E TO YOU!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! 🙂

  16. anne moreno says:

    Sungmin You’re so PERFECT in everything in your chin, eyebrow, ears, eyes, nose, lips, mouth, cheeks, eyelids, forehead, and everything in your face it is all a PERFECT one so I will Love You a Hundred Times ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ! so I hope you too………. if you're fans love you a 999% make sure you love them too 1001% because I love more than you love us I hope you can read my comments here even if you are too busy… Oh! don't worry I will wait until the end because I am an EVER LASTING FRIENDS (ELF) too and EVER LASTING is NO END and I 13ELIEVE on that one 😀

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