Name: KimHeechul / 김희철 / 金希澈
D.O.B: July 10th, 1983.
Origin: Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea
Height, Weight: 179cm, 60kg
Blood Type: AB
Occupations: Singer, Dancer, Actor, Television Host, Radio Host, MC, Model
Instruments: Piano
Labels/Company: SM Entertainment
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior, and Super Junior T , M&D
Hobby: Acting, Computer games, Writing Poems, and fairytales. LOL.

Siblings: 1 Older Sister, Kim Heejin
Religion: Atheist
Nicknames: Cinderalla , Heenim, Rella, Princess

Debut: Heechul auditioned in 2002, he was late to the audition but got casted anyway.

  • Heechul is in the entertainment industry because he loves it and because it was his parent’s dream. And he wants to be good to them.
  • First impressions of Heechul would probably be that he is an overly confident princess. (Heechul Quotes: “What makes you confident?” H: “My face”. XD… H:” I, Kim heechul, was born to successfuly to make women fall in love with me. It’s not my fault. My mother and father created this face.)
  • Heechul has a very special personality.
  • Heechul was smart and on top of hsi class when he was a kid. heechul wanted to try acting with psychopathic, despicable or killer characters.
  • Heechul blames his unique personality on his AB bloodtype. but he was revealed that he’s actually very shy, and that he simply doesn’t know how to express himself.
  • Heechul LOVES cats. ( A fan gave him one, and he named it Heebum. 🙂 ;WHOLE NAME: HanJayHeeBum. ; Hankyung+Jay+Heechul+Kibum)
  • Heechul had revealed that, “In order to avoid the attention from those around, I dressed up as a girl before to go on a date with my celebrity girlfriend.” … Apparently it worked, and he”strutted around the streets” in his disguise while proudly holding his girlfriend’s hand. (SBS STRONG HEART. )
  • Heechul used the ladies room when he first debuted because he looked like a girl with his long hair and pretty face. Sources say guys in the mens room used to yell at him because they thought that he was a she, but the ladies didn’t mind him at all because they thought that he was one of them. ( Nul Ruh Wa (it’s a show) )
  • Heechul likes to imitate others. He knows a lot of dance steps from other artists. (He’s good at it too. 😀 KING OF IMITATIONS.)
  • Heechul once talked about how they all went out drinking and Sungmin got really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaally cute when he’s drunk so Heechul had to slap him to snap him out of it. (SUKIRA)
  • Heechul likes to write poems and fairytales. In school days, he made “sellectice and Karrion” He still draws Sellectice in his autographs.
  • Heechul tends to drool.
  • To prevent others from borrowing his clothes he changed his wardrobe into crazy colors, cartoon shirts and cowboy hats.
  • Heechul loves to spend time by the computer.
  • Heechul use to smoke. But he quit.
  • Heechul loves games and sometimes posts screencaps from W.O.W ( world of warcraft. ;]] )
  • Heechul does not believe in a god.
  • Heechul likes japanese music, like xjapan, dir en grey, and Gackt. He once sang hide’s pink spider on stage.
  • Heechul might not know a lot of english but he knows the most important words.
  • Heechul has a passion for acting. Due to people talking badly of him, he thinks that the other members are being talked of badly as well. Heechul wants to put his heart into acting, to prove that he ( and the other members) are working very hard.
  • Heechul loves to pull pranks on other people… but he can’t be fooled.
  • Behind Heechul’s witty princess image, he is someone who would always stand up for those close to him, read to drop his idol image in order to be by their side.
  • One time when a few students swore at Hangeng and fellow SJ member in chinese.. Heechul got so angry that he forgot his idol image and asked the fans to tell him where the students had gone.. he slapped them.
  • Heechul pulled off Hangeng’s mask because he had enough of Hangeng suffering.
  • Heechul coughed out blood after every don’t don performance. ):
  • Heechul dislikes girls who show off their tummy.
  • Heechul went into the ladies before. When Heechul was young, he went to the girls washroom cause the guys kicked him out of the guys washroom cause they thought he was a girl and the girls didnt notice and thought he was one of them. Heechul once went into a girl’s bathroom to wash his hands. He went in nervously but no one actually realized that he wasn’t a female.
  • Heechul used to have a russian blue cat named Yamchae given fans, but it ran away while he was away.
  • Donghae’s first impression of heechul: heechul moves a lot and cant stay calm.
    But once he got to know him, heechul was a very polite person.
  • The Lion King story: He and his girlfriend decided to watch a movie in their house. Of course, the girl wanted to watch a romantic one. But Heechul wants Lion King so he said to the girl… “Okay, you watch that, and I’ll watch this…”. So, of course, they just end up watching Lion King. When they were watching it, Heechul was really concentrated, he was just silent. But the girl already showed some interest. She kissed him… Heechul said on an interview “It was the climax, Mufasa was like that… then suddenly she kissed me, I just wiped out the saliva, and continued watching…” After the movie, they broke-up. 2 weeks relationship.
  • He loves to register at tons of his fansites/fanclubs (only Hee’s ones, not Super Junior ones), leave messages and also “steal” their pics to post them at his cyworld/twitter.
  • Once, Heechul and Jaejoong (from DBSK) “fought” over a burger. They were newbies and so they did not have much income. Furthermore, a burger is very expensive back then. Heechul was very hungry but due to some task, he left it on the table. When he returned after completing the task, the burger was gone. Jaejoong left a note on it apologizing to the owner of the burger. Jaejoong didn’t have a mobile phone back then and so Heechul searched for him high and low. They made up after that, though, on a show that they first openly talked about this matter.
  • Heechul deletes numbers of those who don’t reply him.
    Eeteuk : Our HeeChul is always like that…
    Guest : Oh, Really?
    Eeteuk : If someone didn’t reply his sms, he will delete that person’s number from his handphone. When asked him, “why did you delete it?”, he will say, “ why ask? you did not reply to my sms? – -^”
    Guest : Really? He didn’t put them in blocked list, just straight away delete them?
    Eeteuk : Yes, straight away delete them.
    Guest : Delete? Orh!
    Eeteuk : If you called back to him, he will ask, “ Who is this?”
    Guest : That’s scary man…
  • Not long before this radio conversation, Heechul and EuiChul.. Both good friends and co-casts in RR, had left messages on each other’s CY. EuiChul : My Handphone didn’t seem to be working properly..
    Heechul : Never mind~ I contacted you but you didn’t reply, so I deleted your number already.. haha ^ ^
  • Because Heechul’s personality is quite sensitive, he draws a line when he sleeps on the bed. If anyone crosses the line, they will be kicked out. The people that can sleep with Heechul is Kibum and Typhoon (The Trax).
  • Yunho, his girlfriend, and Heechul once went to a jewelry store together. The salesclerk thought Yunho and Heechul were a couple and recommended couple rings to them.
  • many fans will rush to Super Junior when they see them, but they will not rush to Heechul and Kibum. Instead, they will actually let them go through because Heechul is scary when he’s angry. LOL.
  • Heechul uses formalities with girls that are younger than him.
  • Heechul went on a tv show talking about his experience getting dumped by a girl he like during his debut. The girl did not tell Heechul that she already has a boyfriend. When Heechul was already deeply in love with her, she finally told him about it. At that time, Heechul said to her, “If you are by his side, I will not be lonely. But if you are in trouble, remember that I will always be there for you.” The girl, however, did not end up with Heechul nor the boyfriend. Instead, she dated another guy that asked her out after Heechul.
  • Heechul Meow~ Has a typical kitten tongue. Can’t eat hot (as in the temperature) food. He even has to wait for his rice to cool down.
  • He used to work as a charcoal mover in restaurant, tv’s company and as a life saver when he was young.
  • He likes girls who looks good on skirts, pretty legs.
  • He used to be a member of the group “4 Seasons” with Kangin, Yunho, and Jaejoong during training days. He was winter.
  • He follows Donghae and allows him to talk to him informally because he thinks that Donghae is cute.
  • he auditioned in SM Ent when he was 20 years old and got casted already.
  • He used to be a class representative in one sem in his grade school days.
  • He talks to children formally too.
  • He doesn’t like being compared to others.
  • He is really generous to the people that are close to him.
  • He asked a neighbor (friend) to take care of his 2nd cat, Champagne, because Heebum got somehow jealous and stopped “meowing”.
  • He hates injections/syringes and going/staying in hospitals.
  • He loves imitating people.
  • 4 Seasons’ group was lead by Kangin even though Hee was the oldest cause the company said the group will break if he’ll be the leader.
  • He taught Hankyung a lot of things about Korea, swearing words, etc.
  • He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him.
  • He cares a lot about his image. He doesn’t want to even blink in front of the cameras.
  • He is very confident but he can be respectful when he needs to be.
  • He loves to hit people.
  • He’s Sohee’s (Wonder Girls) fanboy, he doesn’t think on her as a lover, just like an idol (like we do with him).
  • He likes playing computer games (WoW, Aion, LineageII…) and surf the web.
  • Even SHINee’s Taemin thinks that he looks like heechul.
  • He doesn’t like other people to borrow his clothes, that’s why he changed his wardrobe into cowboy hats, character shirts, etc.
  • He likes dongsaengs who follows him (Like Lee Hongki of FTIsland).
  • He said that he’s good-looking, smart and talented, but no one’s perfect, that’s why he has a bad-temper.
  • He cared many girlbands when he became a Music MC, because girlband was very rare in the past.
  • He hates someone stealing his food.
  • He can’t stand if someone touches his hair. He only allows Jay Trax to do it.
  • He loves changing his hairstyle, and hair color.
  • He walked-out one time because Hyuk stole the egg from his fried rice kimchi (egg is the climax of fried rice kimchi).
  • He became awkward with Hyuk beacuse Hyuk didn’t return him his t-shirt, and for some other reasons.
  • He does the kissings on-stage JUST because of FANSERVICE.
  • He reads HanChul fanfictions.
  • He said that he’ll never do a double-eyelid surgery… because he already has a double eyelid.
  • He posts pictures of him as a girl on his Cyworld.
  • He doesnt like to sweat. When he was on elementary school he never played soccer like normal boys.
  • He used to play with girls in elementary.
  • He used to play pebbles with girls in elementary.
  • His school in elemetary was on top of a moutain.
  • He got his first kiss from his 1st gf before his debut, while they were watching The Lion King.
  • He doesn’t wait for someone for more than 10 mins. Time and punctuality is very important for him.
  • Heechul really hates being told on what to do. He only listens to donghae and taeyon.
  • Heechul only lets donghae and u-know of DBSK to speak informally to him.
  • Heechul has eye problems. He went into an eye-surgery at 2007 after he fell asleep once still wearing his contact lenses.
  • Heechul is scared of little children.
  • Heechul likes sad songs. He can even dance to those.
  • Heechul doesn’t pay his cellphone bill, it′s sent to his parents.
  • When asked how many most valuable friends heechul has, he answered: The important thing is not ‘how many’ but rather ‘how deep’.
  • Heechul used to don’t have any thoughts of getting married, but he started to wanting get married at 2009 and also have 2 cute babies, a girl and a boy, to call them Cherry (Kim Cherry). Right now he only wants to raise children without getting married, he wants to be a free soul.
  • Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid.
  • Heechul doesn’t like the fact he’s growing up. Peter Pan complex.
  • If you are born again: I wanna be a flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it.. (kim heechul).
  • Didn’t we just say that God is very fair? I have the looks, the brain and the knowledge so, of course, I don’t have a very good temper!” – Kim Heechul.
  • When I look sexiest : “When I’m wearing pajamas…too sexy”.
  • Heechul gets annoyed by people easily, especially if they don’t listen to him.
  • “The most precious thing in the world: me, because if there was no me, nothing could work out in this world” – Heechul, narsistic heechul.
  • Heechul thinks sohee is really cute. He even joined her fan cafe and made his login name after her.
  • Heechul used to smoke and drink, stopped, and resumed, but he starts and stops so easily. He drinks right now, maybe smoking too.
  • Heechul tasted alcohol for the first time is when he’s in middle school. It was given by his father.
  • Heenim listens to approximately 4 songs before he’s being able to sleep.
  • Heechul’s first kiss was when he was 22 years old (totally sound like a lie, because he’s always lying about his private life the most to don’t turn his fans angry/jealous).
  • When snsd and super junior was still in their trainee times, jessica was the only one brave enough to approach heechul.
  • When heechul holds a girl, he gets extremely nervous and feels like his heart is going to burst.
  • He loves white chocolate. When he was recovering from the accident at SJ’s dorms, he always told Hangeng to go outside and bring him some white chocolate.
  • He loves to be in his own world, he didn’t realize when Hangeng left the dorm for some days and when he cameback again either. If someone enters his room and talks to him, he wouldn’t realize either and will answer totally like “blah/robot”.
  • He used to date a lot of female celebrities and non ones, as he stated at a tv show. He used to dress up like a girl in order to date his girlfriend and don’t get caught.
  • He likes to go to a spa centers because he loves massages.
  • He stated that his future wife must be pretty, know how to cook well, give him massages, play videogames, love horror movies and don’t go to clubs.
  • He hates to go clubbing because he doesn’t know how to dance.
  • He dislikes crowded places, that’s why he always date at SJ dorm or friends’ ones.
  • He’s childish, get’s jealous easily and changes his mood really fast. He be totally happy and, the second after, totally emo or even angry.
  • He likes to drink alone at his room and look up to the moon, makes him think about deep things.
  • He prefers rock, gothic and metal rather than pop.
  • He plays piano, drums and a little harmonica.
  • Miyavi once invited him to one of his concerts because they’re too look alike and that fact made him funny.
  • He likes to joke talking weird english one but, the truth is that he really knows proper english as he stated a couple of times at Youngstreet, Band of Brothers, Quiz Prince and also at Champagne.
  • He studied Computer Data Analyst & also a minor in english.
    He said once at Youngstreet (talking about his english studies): “”just because someone majors in something doesn’t mean they’re good at it”
    Fullhouse “weird english”–> 2006
    His major in english & computers–> 2008
  • He formed a goup after him (Hee-line) called “Chocoball”, where all of his members are AB blood type.
  • He almost finished by working as a hands’ model before his debut.
  • His mother owns a wines’ store.
Car Accident:
On August 10, 2006. Heechul was on his way from the funeral of Donghae’s father when he got into a car accident. Even though he had fractured 5 places of his leg, plus other injuries, Heechul was so afraid of fainting in front of the camera, that he bit his tongue so hard it required stitches. It’s said that Heechul didn’t talk for a week. A 6 hour surgery followed and metal rods had to be placed in his left leg. He spent a month in the hospital, and removed the first rods in October ’06. The last one had to stay until 2008. (Luckily, Heechul wore a seatbelt that night.) After a few months he made his comeback, standing on a plateform.






Sharp 2 Baek Jin-woo 2005 DRAMA
Loveholic Young chef 2005 DRAMA
Mystery 6 Himself 2006 DRAMA
Bad Family Gong Min 2006 DRAMA
Rainbow Romance  Heechul 2005–07 DRAMA
Golden Bride Kim Young-soo 2007–08 DRAMA
TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun Himself 2009 DRAMA
I Love You Ten Million Times Lee Chul 2009–10 DRAMA
I am Legend Himself 2010 DRAMA
Youth Melody Shen Taiyi 2011 DRAMA
“가슴이 차가운 남자 (Let You Go)” Himself 2010 Music Video
Shady Girl” Himself 2011 Music Video
Attack On The pin-up boys Himself 2007 Movie
Super Show 3 3D Himself 2010 3D Concert Film
YoungStreet Radio Himself Nov.1.05. – Apr.30.06 RADIO
SBS Power FM Himself Mar.29.10 – Aug.26.11 RADIO
Xanadu Sony 2008 Musical



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  1. Susi E.L.F ~ says:

    I LOVE HIM !

  2. ELFiness says:

    Heechul is so my fav member of Suju!

    1. Shabeli Castillo says:

      Me 2 ❤

  3. Demloir says:

    We sound creepishly alike. I’m not even kidding. Does it make me a narcissist saying I still love him?

  4. Zainab says:

    I love Heechul, he is the reason I smile when I am sad, I laugh when I am bored, I cry when he is sad, I am happy when he is happy, He is the one of the reasons for my hope, I love you Kim Heechul.

  5. heechul is a funny person that’s why i like him

  6. shiro taka says:

    HEECHUL is my inspiration/rolemodel i love him & look up to him. makes me sad mostly make me laugh. ILOVEYOU !! ❤

  7. Jan says:

    i miss heenim 😦 i love him so much.

  8. N3O0OS says:


  9. Heechul is so amazing 🙂
    Saranghae oppa !! ❤

  10. Shabeli Castillo says:

    Heechul ur a shy person who not very social but ur a great person with a wonderful heart dat cares for his friends an family dats wat I like about u an u sometimes angry but some people don’t understand y but only ur Closes friends do dats wat makes u a great an talented singer cuz u r KIM HEECHUL da only KIM HEECHUL which nobody can replace well we all ELF friends miss u an hope ur doing great in da army bye

  11. YeBum says:

    Heechul And Hankyung Their Friendship Will Never End
    Name: HanJayHeebum

  12. Christy says:

    Were so alike, I love him c:

  13. I want to watch your show in our country.Can you take a visit to Myanmar with your super junior entertainment . I hope all of you can read this c

  14. Kim Zonze says:

    I want to watch your drama “Youth Melody” Eng Sub.

  15. Eva says:

    Awwwww HEECHUL!! i love videogames ❤ i love sad n rock songs more than pop just like YOU<3 yow fan 4ever 🙂

  16. 2 says:

    Generally I do not read post on blogs, but I wish to say that
    this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me.
    Thanks, quite great post.

  17. i dont know why but i really like heechul oppa hes so unique and we’re very much alike (personality wise (in someways))
    /my fangirl feels XD

  18. Yuki says:

    omg I chose Heechul as my SuJu bias cause he’s hot and he kissed the other members on the stage (lol) but I never realised how perfect he is!! I’m not trying to be against religion or anything, but SO many k-pop members are Christian its kind of refreshing to find a fellow athiest (or agnostic) idol 🙂 I think I DIED when I read he likes X Japan and Gackt, and he sang Pink Spider on stage and Miyavi invited him to his concert!! I’m a huge J-rock fan too!!! 😀 And I love white chocolate and cats! And I sound like his ideal wife (minus the pretty part -.-;;). Only thing is he sounds a little scary, because he likes hitting people o.o;; (but bad boys are kinda cool >.>)

  19. Chiara Veenstra says:

    I love Heechul. He is the most sexy member of SuJu, at least, that is how I feel about him. And I would be his ideal girl if only I were 15 years older. Heechul and I have way to many things in common to be true because I also love cats and I also write poems and fairytales and I always live in my own world, nobody can reach me then, not even my friends. I love rock, gothic and metal as well, and I always stand up for the ones I care about. I am an atheist too, I don’t believe whatsoever. Whenever I think about Heechul I forget all of my problems, and because of him I don’t feel so insecure about myself. Love you forever, Heechul!!!!!

  20. manal says:

    i really love him omg ❤️

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