Leeteuk is serving in the military at the moment. 

Name: Park Jungsu
Stage name: Leeteuk (official)/ Eetuek (unofficial)
D.O.B: July 1st, 1983
Blood type: A
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Special skills: playing the piano, composing, singing
Hobbies: piano, composing music, listening to music, singing, going online
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance: 2000 MBC “All About Eve”
Boyband’s he in: Super Junior, Super Junior T, Super Junior H.
Occupations: Singer, Dancer, Actor, Television host, Radio host, MC.
Member Since: the beginning.
Family: Parents, Older Sister
Label: SM Entertainment
Siblings: 1 Older sister, Park In young
Religion: Christian

Leeteuk was found by a talent scout and was adviced to go for an audition.


  • being the eldest, he was given the position of being the leader in Super Junior.
  • not the best driver even though he claims to be
  • used to host a radio show with Eunhyuk (Kiss The Radio)
  • looks after his fellow members
  • sometimes tucks his fellow members in
  • sometimes wakes up his fellow members
  • sometimes takes care of fellow members images
  • shares his knowledge with fellow members
  • is the laziest
  • was born on a rainy day
  • has a lot of happy sides
  • has an awesome laugh
  • knows how to pull lame jokes.
  • has 170 stitches from a car accident
  • loves rain
  • his room and most of his wardrobe is white
  • listens to music without headphones, because he has this phobia where he’s afraid of getting attacked from behind
  • if he’s bored and lonely, he’ll post up something on his cyworld,twitter,etc or listen to music loudly.
  • likes to get up late in the morning
  • feels exhausted after working a whole day, will lock the door and sleep
  • according to Kyuhyun, Leeteuk’s room at the dorm is really messy and he doesn’t clean it when  it is either.
  • one time, his manager had to break the door to enter his room in the morning, but he didn’t wake up, so the manager had to carry Leeteuk on his back


Year Title Network
2000 All   About Eve MBC
2005-06 Super   Junior Show Mnet
2005-08 M!   Countdown Mnet
2006 Rainbow   Romance MBC
2006 Super   Junior Mini-Drama Mnet
2006 Mystery   6 Mnet
2006 Princess   Diary Mnet
2006 Super   Junior Full House Mnet
2006 Super Junior Adonis Camp Mnet
2007 Attack on the Pin Up Boys  
2007-08 EHB Mnet
2008 Super   Junior Unbelivable Story MBC
2008 Idol   Show MBC
2008 Unbelivable   Outing ComedyTV
2008 Bachelor   While on a Date Mnet
2008 Introducing   Star’s Friend MBC
2009 Miracle KBS
2009 Lord   of the Rings MBC
2009 Challenge!   Good Song KBS
2009-10 Challenge   Golden Ladder KBS
2009-2010 Oh!   Brothers SBS
2009-12 Strong   Heart KBS
2010 Love   Chaser  
2010-11 Enjoy   Today KBS
2010-11 Super   Junior Foresight KBS
2011 Dream   High KBS
2011 The   Women of Our Home KBS
2011-12 Star   King SBS
2011 Sistar and Leeteuk’s Hello Baby KBS
2011-2012 We   Got Married MBC

14 Comments Add yours

  1. super junior says:

    good job Opaa ❤



    super Love for super junior ❤

  2. shuhui says:

    great job:D

  3. tiina says:

    leeteuk is very cute singer and very cute acter and very sexy boy and heechul is very good boy and it is very nice and kind and caring and friendly good heart and a good dancer, the best

  4. wayan mini says:

    SuKsEs Oppha……!!! kapan kapan datang ya ke Indonesia…….!!!!!

  5. wayan mini says:

    I WiLL HoLd yOu AnTiL comeback…….!!!!!

  6. ro0ode^-^ says:

    his look like angel ………i love u oppa 4 ever…….super junior…fighting….^-^

  7. Marie says:

    With a beautiful smile, and pretty brown eyes, he must be and angel! Leeteuk, you’re incredible!

  8. yeah leeteul oppa…. ♥♥

  9. YeBum says:

    whaha Oppa Why Do You Fart Silent But DEADLY BAD whahaha Saranghae Oppa

  10. Leeteuk does have a hilarious laugh xD but so does Heechul! 8D they should put that in Heechul’s information~ Also, what about when Leeteuk was in Attack on the Pinup Boys? He was the panda xD

  11. Li En says:

    Leeteuk Oppa Come Back Soon!! I am missing you already ;'(

  12. Titi says:

    He is the male version of me! 🙂

  13. jolly says:

    i love rain too, i also love to sleep for along time.

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