Name: Lee Donghae / 이동해 / 李東海
D.O.B: October 15, 1986.
Where he was born: Mokpo Jeollanam, South Korea
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Height, Weight: 175, 60.
Blood Type: A
Occupations: Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Model
Instruments: Guitar, Piano
Labels/Company: SM Entertainment.
Boyband’s he’s in: Super Junior, Super Junior M, SM7
Hobby: Watching Movies
Family: Father (Passed away on 8.8.07.) , Mother, Elder Brother
Siblings: 1 older brother, Donghwa
Religion: Christian
Nicknames: Pinocchio (by Heechul) and Fishy. (Since Donghae means “east sea”. )

Signed a contract with SM Entertainment after he won the “Best Outward Appearance” award with future bandmate Sungmin on the Company’s third annual SM Youth Best Contest. He was then trained in singing, acting, and dancing. He was first recruited in a five member boy band “smile” with future bandmate Leeteuk but this idea was dropped. Donghae was then put into another boy band group, Super Junior 05 now known as Super Junior without the 05 suffix.

How he became a singer:
Donghae’s dream when he was a small child was to become a athlete, but he always liked dancing infront of his father. His father told Donghae to become  a singer, but he wasn’t sure whether or not his father was serious. In grade 6, he said no to his father, but by the end of grade 7 he noticed a small ad in an album for auditions and he deiceded to go for an audition. He told his father he wanted to try, and his father said yes and gave him some money. Donghae passed the auditions. Donghae’s father originally wanted to be a singer, but his father (Donghae’s grandfather_ objected to the idea.


  • Donghae is the “adorable kid” of Super Junior. Even Kyuhyun (the maknae/ youngest member) said that Donghae is like a 5 yearold.
  • Donghae believes in aliens and ghosts.
  • Donghae loves playing around with fellow member Eunhyuk.
  • Donghae loves dogs.
  • Donghae is ticklish.
  • Donghae wanted to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming a singer.
  • Donghae is straightforward and thinks that many people might take his words the wrong way.
  • Donghae’s ideal type is a girl who will take good care of him.
  • Donghae says he like’s attention since he feels lonely a lot.. According to Kyuhyun, Donghae even calls him when he’s on the toilet..
  • Donghae would like to act in a romantic movie one day.
  • Donghae’s most important person in his life (his father) has passed away.
  • Donghae’s father had asked Leeteuk(leader of super junior) to take care of his son.
  • Donghae often tells other to stay healthy.
  • Donghae comes from Mokpo, and has a dialect.
  • During training, Donghae was away from his father for 6 years.
  • Donghae lives his life, trying to grant his father’s dream of becoming a singer.
  • October 8th is his “special day”. This day was the last time he saw his father.
  • Donghae’s dad had been sick for 3 years. He found out quite late.
  • While filming full house Super Junior won their first big award. At the time Donghae gave his thanks to his father. ( on tv. ) After his debut Donghae came back with his first pay to show his father but his father had already passed away. (Donghae’s father had Cancer.)
  • Donghae’s wish is for his father to come to his concert even if it’s just once.
  • Donghae’s favourite instrument is the piano. He would also like to learn how to play the guitar.
  • Donghae likes to learn how to play new instruments.
  • He appeared in Boa’s Key Of Heart MV & Girls’ Generation-Kissing U.
  • Currently studying in MyongJi University. (Same as YunHo & Xiah from TVXQ)
  • He loves children and puppies & hope to be a father as soon as possible.
  • He had a dog named “Bada” as in “sea”.
  • He is cute when you see his silly side.
  • He loves every member of Super Junior and takes good care of them. When his hyung (older brother/male) is in an upset mood, he will cook noodles for them.
  • Donghae is also one of the first four Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.
  • He will always remember his hyung’s birthdays. He doesn’t manage a Cyworld often, but when it’s a friend’s birthday, he would post pictures and a message on his Cyworld.
  • He often wears a hat or a beanie.
  • O-Kay, EunHyuk and Junsu jokingly told him that when he is officially a celebrity, his life/himself will change. Once he heard of that, he walked away quietly. Later, they found him in the toilet crying and slamming the wall “I WILL NOT CHANGE!”
  • He often cried when he was on the phone with his parents. He is now trying hard to hold back his tears.
  • When he received his first place award for the first time, he said, “Father, I hope you’re healthy.”
  • Although he once said he doesn’t like to be too close (as in body contact) with someone, we can obviously see that he loves hugging.
  • When he is with EunHyuk, he is very playful like a puppy. They are the best of friends.
  • He likes it when others call him a prince.
  • Eunhyuk & Donghae = Eunhae. But because he is afraid that Siwon will be mad, he created Eunshihae.
  • He loves to reply fan’s messages.
  • Donghae said that he hates celebrating his birthday. Because last year, Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so every time they talk about birthdays on air he would always complain.
  • Donghae used to reside on the 4th story of a small apartment. Everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house (1st story) and run away, until he got caught once.
  • He often forgets his hat, cell phone or similar items. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “I forgotten my phone, I’m going to go up and take it.”
  • He’s a crybaby, soft-hearted and thinks a lot
  • The best place he likes to keep his savings in, is the water dispenser bottle
  • If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.
  • He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage performing U. when he had eyes contact with the members, they’ll think that his stares are not human
  • Donghae always wears a silver bracelet on his wrist, it was given to him by his mother so he never takes it off.
  • Donghae used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshis there angry.
  • Donghae, who is quite weak in health, often loses sleep at night. Sungmin who lives with him would fall asleep easily at the count of three, leaving Donghae to roll and flip around in bed trying to fall asleep.
  • During the 3rd year in elementary school, the teacher wrongly accused Donghae of taking away the attendance book & punished him in the teacher’s office.
  • If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo, and show her the place he grew up in
  • He loves the name Bada, because he named his dog Bada and said that once he has a kid he will name his child Bada too.
  • Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the airplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trip to Jeju Island during high school.
  • Donghae, who is sensitive to his surroundings, will not be able to fall asleep for the whole night if he is sleeping elsewhere other than home. It’s because he felt insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.
  • Donghae left a message titled “ELF I LOVE YOU” in the fan cafe and sungmin called him and told him he got the title wrong. he typed LOVE as LVOE and he was so embarrassed.
  • When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae was the 1st person to hug him and welcome him.
  • When he was small, he played games with his friend that needed them to be divided in groups. Whichever group that he is in, will always lose in the game.
  • He once promised his father that under any circumstances, that he will not drink alcohol.
  • No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he had gain a bit of weight, he’ll exercise. And the first place to slim down is his face.
  •  is really afraid of Shindong’s snoring, and his loud breathing while sleeping scares him too. It’s almost impossible to sleep at night, for him.
  • likes the feeling of being protected, being cared for. & because he’ll feel lonely easily, he never eats alone. He needs to have someone to eat with him.
  • hates to eat alone, Donghae often sits in other members’ to wait for them to be done working so he can go eat with them.
  •  dislikes pink a lot.. because opposite of his bed is Sungmin’s wardrobe and it’s full of pinkish stuffs, clothes, dolls, pillow, bags and shoes are all pink. (they are no longer roommates though. )
  • He’s not really good at searching things online. He doesn’t even know how to use ‘Naver’ to search. Thus he doesn’t like going online, not to mention shopping online too.
  • really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself would feel tired and ache all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.
  • is very affectionate so his methods of waking up the other members are to either pat their butts or go hug them out of bed.
  •  is afraid of ghosts so he sleeps with a nightlight.
  • didn’t have any friends in SM for one year becaus he was very introverted at the time and he didn’t know anyone from Mokpo.
  •  met DBSK member Uknow Yuhno who he became instantly close with because they are both from Mokpo
  • wanted to become a singer because he saw Boa Kwon. who is the same age perform on stage and thought she was inspirational. A few years later he and Boa stared in a music video together
  • Opened a shop with his brother called “TheGrandPlace”
  • Once a year, he will take time to visit his dad’s grave.
  • Donghae wanted to share his award with his father, so he brought it and placed it on his tombstone. He also brought his oppa, oppa album.
  • Donghae has low alcohol tolerance
  • his father was a taxi driver
  • Donghae still has his father’s number stored in his phone.
  • The thing he envies the most from his fellow members, is the fact that they are all able to call their father and talk to each other after winning an award.






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SBS Reality Show

Key of Heart



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Attack on the Pin-Up Boys




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Kissing You



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SBS Drama – Supporting Role

Skip beat!

Shang Jieyong/Bu Po shang


GTV Drama – Lead Role

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Go Seung-ji


Main Role



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